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Our web site is built to describe our unique and important project. We will describe our progress and findings to date and our goal is to place this information within a context so that the implications of our work can be understood. It is important to us, as researchers, to explain what we are doing and why. We will respond to questions about the project to let Canadian's know how we intend to advance science knowledge. Go to our "Questions and Answers" page.

The web site will change because the project itself is also evolving.

One of the important aspects of the CHILD Study is that we are constantly evolving the project to take advantage of new and emerging ideas. We have built this flexibility into the process. We have worked very hard to standardize our method and this remains a constant theme for us because we are collecting information from 4 sites in 4 provinces. For example, we have a core hypothesis and several sub-hypotheses. We have therefore constructed a large section on this area because wewant to share this critical aspect openly and with a lot of detail. Our methods section will describe our current techniques, however the methods will evolve to reflect new developments and to take advantage of newer techniques.

The following provides an overview of our site including major sections and sub-sections. Under the heading "Audience Emphasis" we will suggest who may find this particular section informative. However, we encourage people to feel free to explore all part of the site.



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Scientific Community

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We have one section that is restricted. The yellow login box link Members Log In is used to bring people to a secure server so that people can interact with on-line questionnaires. A Member is a participantin the study. If you want to learn more about theweb based data collection portal, please contact the National Coordinating Centre based in Hamilton.

This web site will not have many external links to other projects or resources unless they are relevant to our project. We recognize that parents and researchers are looking for peer-reviewed information and so we will post references within our site and encourage those to look at these using Google Scholar.

Our site is therefore a project site rather than an information repository for asthma and children.

This site is very text heavy and leans towards specific audiences. Sometimes the information will be very technical.

We built the site to be more responsive to different users and a growing interest in accessing internet based information using a variety of devices. Our site should will present the text scaled to your smartphone, tablet and computer. We have fewer graphics because these are harder to see when they are scaled to mobile devices (small screen).


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